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Our Services


Posture adjustment (kyphosis, scoliosis…)
Upper and lower back pain
TMJ temporomandibular joint disorders
Pregnancy pelvis back pain


Post-injury and post-operative rehabilitation
Neurorehabilitation (post-stroke, MS, Parkinson’s)
Vestibular rehabilitation (Vertigo)
Pediatric rehabilitation
Cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation.

Other Services

Shockwave therapy
Lumbar and cervical traction therapy
Dry needling
Home physiotherapy visit

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As new visitors to our website, we understand that you may not know who we are or what we can offer you. At our physiotherapy clinic, we are dedicated to providing our patients with compassionate, personalized care to help them recover and achieve their best physical health. Whether you are dealing with pain from an injury or a chronic condition, we are here to help. Click on “Find Out More” to learn more about our team and how we can assist you.


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